hömáge boutique bakery

30 Oct

A rare find.
It is quiet, soothing and welcoming. For their next advertising blitz, all they need to do is to take photos of the smiles on each of their customers face as the gleefully hug their “done right” baked goods.

They offer Quiche, huge pastries a variety of scones, cookies and amazing looking Pots de Crème (it took all my will power to walk out with out one).

They also offer unique lattes and expressos, one which I have not had since leaving Los Angeles. They call it the “Bom Bon,” which is expresso over sweetened condensed milk, in L.A. many of the spanish styled cafes offer this as regular fare.

I had a Bear Claw which may be the most satisfying of any I have tried.

The atmosphere is homey and eclectic and they have free internet access.

This may become my go to hiding spot.

Located at 519 Ralston, in between St. Mary’s and J.J.’s pie company, it makes the journey downtown worth while.


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One response to “hömáge boutique bakery

  1. Nick Butler

    June 7, 2012 at 1:18 am

    Just FYI, right down the street from Homage Bakery is 5th Street Bakehouse. I always go there for lunch, they have amazing sandwiches. If you haven’t been there, try it. It’s a very good hole in the wall place.


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